Tried it Tuesday - Mastering Math Facts

Well it is Tuesday and that can mean only one thing. Time to link up with the amazing Holly for her Tried it Tuesday linky party. Be sure to head over to her blog to check out all the great ideas being shared.

I was reading this post on  Holly's blog (yes the hostess of this here linky) and she mentioned how she was going to be using Laura Candler's Classroom Book Clubs and how much she liked it. Then I received an email asking if I would like a free copy of Laura's Multiplication and Division Math book to review. So I obviously jumped at the chance.

Here is what I like so far:

*each activity clearly outlines the materials you need at the top, very easy to prep for
*there is similar activities/pages for the same concept so that I can use some this year and save some for next year
*there is an assessment page so that you can see what your students already know about multiplication and identify any misconceptions or gaps in their understanding
*there are tips called you got it "Laura's Tips" that have helpful information
*each lesson lists the Common Core Standards listed - even though I don't teach the CC, I can easily look them up and see what the lesson is addressing
*the lessons are sequential and build upon each other in a natural way

Here is what I love:

*she clearly states the importance of understanding multiplication and division - what they are, how to represent them BEFORE moving on to learning all the facts. This was a huge, HUGE area of debate in my math network this year, when do you move from the concept to just learning the facts. This program is set up so that students will have a strong foundation in understanding what multiplication is, how to represent it and a number of strategies to solve problems

*it is not all drill based, which a lot of multiplication books are - there are whole group lessons, games, problem solving activities etc

*I love how much my students are enjoying it. It is the end of the year and often we start to loose enthusiasm for actual work! I thought this would be the perfect program to use at the end of the year, hoping to catch a few kids and improve their multiplication knowledge before the summer break. But all of my students are engaged in the activities and are working hard!

Here they are doing the opening Hula Hoop activity and the follow-up Chocolate Chip game.

I am looking forward to using this program to keep us going since we are still in school next week!!!!


  1. When is your last day? I ordered my Mastering Math Facts book right before school let out so I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I'm looking forward to trying it out next year with my class.

    Hunter's Tales from Teaching

  2. This sounds great! I wish our kids had a stronger understanding of multiplication and division (many know their facts, but don't truly understand it). This book sounds great! That hula hoop activity interests me!!! I'll have to check it out!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  3. I have the book, too and have used strategies from it. Next year, I'm starting the year with it and will focus a few weeks on it. I can't wait to see the lightbulbs appear because they understand the meaning behind the multiplication facts.
    Fun in Room 4B

  4. This book sounds like a great resource! Thanks so much for doing a review that's easy to read and follow. I am thinking they much have one for addition and subtraction...going to go check that out now! Thanks for sharing!

    Learning to the Core

  5. I was contacted by them too and will be showing a couple different activities from the book sometime this week:) It is a great resource, especially for my struggling learners! Thanks so much for linking up!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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