Eating and Drinking and Linking - 2 Party Ideas

I am so excited to finally be linking up with Christy for her linky party....

Now that I am on summer vacation it is time to focus on the really important things in life, eating and drinking and linking!!!

Well yesterday was Canada Day and I know that July 4th bbqs and parties are coming up so I though I would share two simple recipes that are crowd favorites at functions we attend and are often requested.

Up first, Cookie Dough Dip. I got the recipe here and here is the pic from her website...

It is super simple and super delicious.  Here is what you need:
* a brick of cream cheese (light if you must, but I never do :) )
*½ cup butter
*1 cup powdered sugar
*2tbsp brown sugar
*1½ teaspoons vanilla
*1 cup chocolate chips

she adds toffee bits, but I don't - it is up to you

Here's what you do:

*mix cream cheese and butter together
*add all the other ingredients and mix well
*taste it, and ooh and aah
*serve with chocolate wafer cookies or graham crackers or one bite brownies or apple wedges (if you must)
These are what I use...

The next recipe comes from my favorite Aunt Colleen and it is Taco Salad.

Here is what you need:
1 package of lean ground beef
1 package of taco seasoning
diced tomatoes
diced onion
shredded lettuce (sorry no amounts on veggies, I use my best judgement!)
1 package of shredded cheddar cheese
1 bag of nacho Doritos
1 bottle of Kraft Italian Salad Dressing

Here's what you do:

*cook the ground beef, remove from heat, add taco seasoning DO NOT ADD WATER
*add diced and shredded veggies
*add shredded cheddar cheese

*immediately before serving, open bag of Doritos (to let out air) and smash chips into small pieces (I do it with them in the bag and just hit them - very fun)
*add Doritos to salad
*add Italian Salad Dressing
*mix it all up

Here is what it looks like...

I am heading over to read some of the great link-ups, I love trying new recipes out in the summer!!


  1. Oh I am going to have to make the cookie dip, that looks delish! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Cookie Dough Dip?? I wouldn't be able to stop. :) That looks fabulous.
    Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. Those recipes both look so yummy! I can't wait to try them! :)

    Looney for Third

  4. That cookie dough dip looks soooo good! Thank you so much for linking up! I hope your enjoying your break now that it's finally here! :)

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road


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