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Hi everyone. We just got back home from our final road trip of the summer - we have been driving around for the last 5 weekends straight. We always had a good time but I am so glad to be out of the car!!

I am glad we made it back in time for me to link up with one of the sweetest bloggers with the best ideas, Joanne at Head over Heels for Teaching for her linky...

So, Tuesday is my official start day with my students and we will be starting off our day with this book...

At the end of the day I am giving my students a little gift bag, since I am so happy that they are finally here (well there, not here at my house).

 Inside the gift bag is a small box of Smarties, a magnet with my contact info for their parents (freebie template from Teaching with a Touch of Twang) and a magnet for them to hang up future super work on their fridge. I posted about the magnets here and you can pick up a copy here. (I typed my students names in on the real ones).

Next inside the bag are these door hangers. I stole this idea from Joanne, she posted about it here and you can pick up hers in her TpT store here. I took her idea and made it fit my superhero theme. We did not do reading logs last year and the amount of home reading went way down. So I want to start them off right with some motivation to read before we start our reading logs next week.

Lastly there is this little note. Students need to find something that is special to them that can fit in the bag to share with the class later in the week.

I hope these little gift bags motivate my students on the first day of school! Now I need to go find the motivation to finish laundry, unpack and do some more planning for next week :)


  1. I still need to buy that book. I have it on my looks so adorable. What great gifts, your kiddos will be so glad to receive them.

    Hunter's Teaching Tales
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  2. Let me know what that motivation is to finish laundry and get the house cleaned! :v)

    I really love your door hanger! Is it available in your TpT store?

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  3. Love your gift bags! Your new students will think you're the coolest teacher ever! What a great idea to have your bags have a double purpose! You're so clever AMC! I hope you have a wonderful start to the year and try to rest up this long weekend! You already know I can't! :O)
    Thanks for sharing and linking up friend!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  4. Very cute!!! I forgot to put this book on my wishlist so I didn't order it! :O(

    But I have Amazon Prime so... :O)

    Very very cute ideas!! And I just love Melonheadz's superheroes. They make me happy!!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Collaboration Cuties

  5. I love the gift bags and door hangers!

  6. The gift bags are too cute and I love those door hangers! I need to check out that book too.

    Thanks for sharing!
    One Happy Teacher

  7. That book looks adorable! Maybe I NEEEEEED it...... :o)

  8. Love your gift bags! I love giving my students magnets too with all of my information and our class website. Have a great week back!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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