1000 Follower Scavenger Hunt

I am so excited to be apart of this giveaway. It is for two amazing bloggers and creators and inspirations - Diane at Fifth in the Middle and Amelia at Where the Wild Things Learn. Diane has reached 1000 followers and Amelia is celebrating her 1 year blogiversary.

This giveaway is a scavenger hunt. What you need to do is go to each blog stop on the hunt, find and record the number. Once you have all the numbers head over to Amelia's blog to enter the Rafflecopter - you need to add all the numbers together to enter!

While you are stopping by all the blogs (like this one here) you might want to hit follow if you don't already follow them - there are some awesome bloggers participating.

Are you ready. If you have not already picked up a recording sheet you can click on the picture to get your copy :)

If you want to start at the beginning you can click on this button...

If you just dropped by to get my number here it is....


Lastly, if you have all the info you need and you are ready to head to the end click on the button below....

Good luck! See you later for Must Read Mentor Texts :)

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  1. I wanted to drop by and say thank you for the science posters that I received through Amelia and Diane's giveaway yesterday! I LOVE them and can't wait to get them printed out and posted in my room. I was just thinking I needed something science related up...now I've got it! Thanks again!
    One Happy Teacher


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