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Since today is a holiday Monday it is sort of like I am not late for the party - right? After all the family time and turkey time I am just sitting down to look at some school work and thought what would be a great way to avoid marking....linking up with Amanda and Stacia at Collaboration Cuties for...

The book I am recommending is a book I first found out about from this here linky, but I thought I would show you how I used it in my classroom last week. It is

This book is adorable!!! It is filled with equations like: dark + popcorn = movie.  There are a ton of simple addition equations, but there are some with triple addition, two addition and a subtraction, multiplication and division. There is even a does not equal!

I used this book as an intro to our unit on addition and subtraction. I only had half a  math period (half the period was used for introducing QR codes!!) so I did not want to get into anything too heavy - this was perfect.

I made an anchor chart with the word equation at the top and nothing else - we brainstormed what we thought it was and some examples. Here is our finished chart.

Then we read the book and my students loved it!!

Next the students had to create their own equation and illustration. Here are some samples of their work.
That does equal weekend!!!

We also used two other books to extend our understanding of equations - but I will save those for another day!! Tomorrow we are working on addition strategies so that we can make equations!

If you are looking for extra practice for your students to work on balancing equations I have this unit in my store:

Have a great week everyone. If you have not already done it,  check out Amanda and Stacia's blog for some great math ideas, head over there now!


  1. Oh my gosh I love this!! What a great way to introduce this concept!
    A Tall Drink of Water

  2. This is adorable!!! I have never seen it! I am so glad that you used your holiday to link up with us!!! I hope you enjoyed your day!! :O)

    Have a great week friend!

  3. I love this book. If you have not read 1 + 1 = 5 and Other Unlikely Equations, check it out. You'll love it. It's great for inference too.
    Wonderful student art.
    Have a great rest of your week.

    School Is a Happy Place


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