Flippin' Friday!!

Well it is that time again....

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I am a little late getting this post up as I have been busy writing report cards and visiting with my parents (before they leave on their pilgrimage to the holy land for all retired Canadians - Florida).

This week we were reviewing the four types of sentences before moving on to writing complex and compound sentences (ugh, sometimes a very painful experience - just when we stopped writing run-on sentences!!).

Anyway here is what we did. After reviewing the types of sentences and doing a group task card sort on Monday and Tuesday I brought out these on Wednesday.

I made the pockets using the freebie graphics from Ashley Hughes and added a rectangle to the side for a tab. I glued the tabs down and put glue on the v part of the pocket too. The four pockets took up one sheet of chart paper!

Each table group was given a sorting mat (since they are so big they needed their whole group area to work with :) ). Then I gave them sentence strips and they each sorted the sentences they had. They checked with each other if they weren't sure. I had a variety of sentences and just for fun I had some non-sentences too!! Those stumped them for a minute. I did not include ending punctuation for my sentences, again to make them read the sentence and focus on the words.

They had some discussion over exclamatory and imperative, so we reviewed these again.

On Thursday we made class posters using the sentences from the pockets the groups had sorted. Then students put their own mini-pockets in their writing notebooks and made 2 sentences for each pocket. They could use our posters (like my friends in the picture) or make up their own sentences.

That is it - the only notebook activity we managed this week, but it did take us 2 days!! Hope you had a great week and you are staying warm if you are in this Polar Vortex thing too!


  1. That's fun!! And look at those great minds we have- I was totally thinking of using those pockets for something interactive too when I downloaded them!! :) :)

  2. Great lesson! I love how interactive it is! Very smart of you to not include the ending punctuation. That would definitely give it away!

    Eclectic Educating

  3. This is very cute!!! I love it!! I bet they loved it too!! This is a great way to sort pretty much anything!!! :O)
    Collaboration Cuties

  4. That is such a good idea! Hopefully I can save this for my TCAP review. :) It is freezing cold here in TN, too. Stay warm!
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