Tried it Tuesday - TBTS and Partner Picking Cards {Freebie}

This is the best day ever - our school review is over!!! All the principals have come, the superintendents, the Ministry of Education workers. They came, they saw and most importantly they left! What a great feeling to have your observation over with!

Now that the huge stress of preparing is over I am taking time to link up with my friend Holly, the Fourth Grade Flipper, for her weekly linky...

Today I have two tried its (but that is okay because they go together).

Last year when I first started blogging I felt a little lost and unsure of myself. I do not know anyone else (IRL) that blogs or even reads teacher blogs (or stalks them like I do). Since then I have met (on-line) loads of great bloggers and their support has helped me both in my classroom and with my blogging and TPT products in ways that I can never repay. But when I first started out something else that helped me was joinging Teaching Blog Traffic School.

If you have not heard of it and are just starting out or thinking about starting a teaching blog or store you may want to check it out. Charity Preston has made a series of video tutorials that help with all types of social media and things I never even would have thought of. There are videos on FB and selling your prodcuts and affiliates and Pinterest and so much more.

Now perhaps I am not the greatest spokesperson for how much this program can help a person out (you may be thinking, she is not all that successful), but that is just because I have not (yet) followed all of the amazing advice she has given. That is what is great with this program - you can take from it what you need, what you are comfortable with and keep going back to the video tutorials and chats and learn at your own pace. If you want to check it out their is a button on my sidebar that will take you to the home page.

What I have found super helpful are the on-line chats and the opportunities Charity presents for collaborating and new ventures. One opportunity that I was lucky enough to be a part of is guest blogging for Charity's blog The Organized Classroom. I am a guest blogger on the 23rd of each month.

This month I shared a post of how I use partner picking cards in my classroom (click here to read it). I shared a picture of the milk and cookie partner picking cards (a free download from Brandi Caldwell that you can check out here and another set here).

I also shared my partner picking cards for making groups of three. You can pick up a free copy of these cards by clicking here.

I call this strategy Lions, Tigers and Bears - students have to find their matching animals or make groups of animals that I call out (you will need more copies of the animals for this strategy).

The last strategy I shared was using the puzzle pieces to make groups of four. I laminated the cards and then cut them out. Students make groups of four by completing a puzzle. I love these because they make it really easy to assign jobs based on their puzzle piece number. You can click here to pick up a copy.  (unless you got the first one - they are the same file!!)

I am off to put up my feet, watch t.v. and do nothing (well other than dishes, lunches and homework helping!!) Hope you had a great day too!


  1. Whew!! A school review sounds stressful and like a HUGE deal! Glad you can relax now.

    I have always wondered about Teaching Blog Traffic School and never really looked into it. It sounds like it really is SO helpful! Kudos to you for guest blogging every month! Wow!

    I love all the ways that you shared for picking partners and groups. So creative!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Fourth Grade Flipper
    I sat for like a minute trying to figure out what IRL stood for. I'm so behind the times!! LOL (now that's one I know!). :)

  2. YAY to doing nothing since your observation is over. You DESERVE some nothing time. You know I feel that way all the time though...not just observation days! You KNOW you are one of my FAVORITE bloggy buddies in the whole wide blogging world. You make me smile. I'm loving the partner cards. It saves the deer in headlights look when you are picking partners and groups. :) XOX
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I love Charity! I just joined TBTS and I love it! I still have to get through all the videos before she updates them (another thing on the to do list!) I also love your partner sharing ideas - thank you for the freebie!


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