Spark Student Motivation - Home Reading Party

I am so happy that Joanne, at Head Over Heels for Teaching, kept her Spark Student Motivation linky open for 2 weeks.

The week before I was on Spring Break (oh, the joy) but this week I was back at school and have some ideas to share with you.

This week was our Literacy Week. The Grade 7/8 teacher and I worked with her students to submit two Speak Up grants - grants aimed at giving students greater voice in their education. We submitted a grant for additional tablets and to have authors come in and speak to our students about reading and writing. Both were successful and Literacy Week plans began.

We had Eric Walters and Mike Wade visit our school (Tuesday and Thursday) and both were amazing teachers who left our students inspired and our school a buzz with energy. We have students, male students, telling us how they are writing a book at home now, two brothers writing a book and teachers having to tell students - "OK, you have to put the book away now!". This alone made the week a success for me.

We also had school wide DEAR time - the students also love this - knowing that everyone in the whole school is reading at the same time - it is so quiet throughout the school it is freaky :)

As I posted yesterday we also had all the student write a book recommendation and posted them in the hallway.

We also did Book Trivia each morning on the announcements. A clue from a popular book was read - one for primary students and one for junior/intermediate students. Students fill out a ballot, drop them off outside my classroom and on our Book Character Dress Up Day prizes will be awarded.

Since it was literacy week I had a little party for my Superhero Home Readers, you can read about my home reading program here. I use the resources from my superhero reading program all year. You can check it out here.

First I bought plastic tableclothes at the dollar store. I cut them into about 6 rectangles. When the students came in they were very intrigued by the pile of plastic. I called each student up - highlighting their accomplishments (how many weeks, how many books, improvement etc.). Then I taped their cape on and they became Superhero readers!!! Here is a picture of my Superheroes.

We had popcorn on Spiderman plates (the only superhero plate I could find at the time), we made superhero masks, I gave them reading wands (ok, licorice) and we READ!!

I totally recommend the plastic capes - for any type of celebration you may want to do in your class. They were a huge hit. Kids were clapping and cheering for each other as they got their cape. Students were zooming around and watching their capes fly. Some students even made symbols for their capes. It was really fun to see them leave at the end of the day with their capes under their winter coats or attached to their backpacks. It is an inexpensive way to motivate and reward!


  1. I want to wear a superhero cape! What a "superfun" idea! My kids love when we do school-wide reading time too...actually, they just love when we do reading time period. As the leader of the Nerd kids read while walking in line...until I close their books and threaten to take them away. ahaha! I hope you're resting your ankle...I'm on the couch...surprise surprise!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Awesome ideas! I love the idea of literacy week! We have a science week and history week at my school, but putting a fun emphasis on reading is a great idea for a school community!

    1. I wish we did a science week - I guess I would love to do theme weeks all the time though : )

  3. Love the capes. How did you attach them on the front? With Velcro?

    1. We just used masking tape but Velcro dots would be a fabulous idea if you wanted them to wear them longer and be able to take them on and off. Our party was for just part of the day.


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