Persuasive Writing - Two for Tuesday

Well this is it - my final week at school! As a continue packing up 15 years of resources my classroom and my house are a complete wreck!! My husband is dismayed every day as I bring more boxes in the door and says "You can't possibly have anymore" but of course the answer is "Yes, I have more and will be buying and creating more this summer!!"

Looking back on the year one thing that we did really well and had a lot of fun with was persuasive writing. We wrote persuasive letters to Santa to hire us as elves (read about it here), we wrote persuasive letters based on Dear Mr. Blueberry (read about it here) and we wrote letters to the Easter Bunny (read about it here) in the hopes of being hired as assistants.

I have put my Persuasive Letter Writing Based on Dear Mr. Blueberry and the bundled pack of all three resources on sale.

Be sure to head over to The Teaching Tribune to check out all the great deals being offered today!!


  1. Your persuasive writing packs look great! Love Dear Mr. Blueberry! :0)


  2. Everyone should pick up your persuasive writing pack because everything in there is AWESOME and the kids love it! I'm so happy you are FINALLY in your last week of school. I'd come help you carry boxes, but I'm on the couch being a lazy bum. I can't wait for you to get some of your own couch time!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. Ahhh....dreaded packing. I fear the day I have to pack up my room. Seriously, I think that stuff multiplies on it's own because I can't imagine buying all that stuff! Hope you are enjoying your last week. Summer, here you come!!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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