Reading Response Freebie - Worksheet Wednesday

**yes I know that the title of this blog post says Wednesday - but on Tuesday I left my memory stick in the school computer and yesterday I left my camera on the shelf by my desk - I really was trying to post on time!! Anyway here is my post : )  **

For those of us still keeping track of the days of the week (a.k.a. those of us not on summer vacation) it is Wednesday so that means time to link up with The Teaching Tribune for Worksheet Wednesday.

Today is letter S in our countdown to summer. S is for stuffed animal day. Here is what we brought in today:

We lined them all up and took turns describing and guessing each which stuffed animal was being described. I also took three stuffed animals and sorted them into two groups and then the students had to try and figure out the sorting rule and add another stuffed animal to a group - this was a huge hit.

And of course my students had time to read with their stuffed friends : )

I was finishing up Google training this morning so my class had a substitute teacher. I wanted to keep them on task and decided to whip up a few reading response sheets for them (with superhero clip art since it is S day!).

Click here to pick up a copy.

One day I will make it to all linky parties on time.....


  1. Are you channeling your inner Alison by leaving your thumb drive in the computer and your camera on the shelf? You seriously need to be out of school's messing with your mojo. Substitutes should really get paid double at the end of the year...WAIT A MINUTE...teachers should be paid TRIPLE! I love your "super series sheets"...say that really fast. Alliteration for the win! XOXOOXOXOXXOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. Very cute! I'm impressed that you were able to whip up a few worksheets so quickly! I'm so slow...I over think everything.


  3. WOW! Great freebies, thanks! I'm not sure that at this close to the end of the year, I would have been able to whip anything up even remotely close to what you did. I'm impressed! :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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