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Woohoo, it is finally summer vacation for us!!! We finally made it!

As you probably know I am changing schools for the first time in 15 years!! I am moving to a brand new school that is still being built - which means I got to bring ALL of my stuff home for the summer.

I thought I would share a few photos of what 15 years of resources looks like in our little house. I meant to do this yesterday but instead I read just for fun, napped just for fun and had a drink or two just for fun. But since my intentions were good, I am still going to link up with Miss Nelson for her linky (love looking at her pictures!!)...

Here we go...

That is right, there are boxes in the laundry room, a few things by the computer that I need to work on or go through still, boxes in our spare room, boxes in my kids play room, boxes in the closet with all of the dance costumes and luggage, boxes by the bed that my girls are now using as a shelf for more dance costumes and books that they are reading. Everything is in our basement - only in the summer - the basement is the best place to we are living with and around and on top of my stuff. On a positive note - there is no chance that we will run out of reading material.

And here is what I have seen of my classroom for next year....

Just 7 more weeks and then all of those boxes can be moved out of our basement and into this space...hopefully!!

Hope you are having an amazing weekend!!


  1. That will be so exciting. I have so much resources that I'm not sure my husband would allow me to bring home. It would take over the whole house. I know you will LOVE having a brand new classroom. Our school is 18 years old. We are getting some updates in 2 years. I can't wait. Thanks for linking up. Link up anytime. DOES not have to be on Saturdays.

    1. I imagine your school could use a few updates : )
      My husband was shocked every day to see how much I had in the back of my vehicle!! Thanks for saying it does not have to be Saturdays - I am the worst at linking up on time!!

  2. Oh wow I bet that was a pain to bring everything home!! It sounds like it will be an exciting move for you though :)


  3. Like Miss Nelson said...our school is 18 years old. It is the most odd shaped construction and leaves little room for creativity...especially with big kids where you have to have so many bookshelves. I seriously have no wall space what-so-ever. 15 years of resources looks like A LOT. You need me to come help you purge stuff anywhere except for in the basement? If I had to bring stuff home I would throw it ALL away. I'm serious! I can't wait to see what you come up with in your new room. It will be super cute I'm sure. XOXO
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. It would be so exciting to get to move into a brand new classroom! I can't wait to see pics when it's all done and you're moved in. I moved classrooms this year after 5 years and I tried to consolidate, but it was hard. I couldn't imagine trying to move it all home after 15 years!
    Polka Dot Lesson Plans

  5. Man that is a lot of stuff!! All of my resources fit into one supermarket trolley. I have to get rid of some of that stuff even! I'm looking for a new job for our new school year (which starts february) and I can't imagine having to take that much stuff with me!
    Learning to be awesome

    1. Wow, that is impressive - I hope to get mine down to a more manageable amount - but not sure how successful I am going to be : )

  6. Some advice...purge! It is surprising what you think you need but really don't. I moved after 1o years and have never missed the stuff I purged. Good luck.

    1. Sadly I have purged but obviously need to do more : )
      Thanks for sharing that you do not miss what you purged - that is always the worry!!

  7. Wowsa! Unpacking will not be fun! A few years back, I was at a year around school and quite a few of us had to rove because there weren't enough classrooms. So we had to move our stuff out of the classroom three times a year. There was no place for us to keep our materials on campus so we had to bring them home. I don't miss that one bit! Good luck with the move and I know you will love your brand new classroom! Yay!

    Fifth Grade Wit and

  8. I'm in transition this year too. Moving from fourth to first. It's a LOT of work just getting into a new room! Hope you come to love your new space. :)


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