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Happy Saturday!! I am just popping in to share one of the strategies I will be using this year for classroom management. So of course I am linking up with my good friend Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching for...

For the last two years I have been using a clipchart (read about it here). Earlier this week I did a home visit for a student that will be coming to my class and was informed that this system will NOT work for her - that a classroom token economy system would be better.

I have done a classroom economy for a number of years (read about it here) but tried moving away from it the last two years. I still used it before Christmas (read about it here) and at Easter (read about it here) and do really like it - I just find it can be a little expensive.

I will be returning to using classroom money (the bankbooks I used with older kids seems a little bit too much for Grade 1's right away). Here is what my classroom money looks like (only photocopied on to coloured paper!):

Click here if you would like a copy (sorry if the teacher does not look like you!!)

We are going to keep our money in these pencil cases I picked up at The Dollar Tree. I have used envelopes before and putting it in a folder in our desk - but again with the little ones, I wanted something a little more concrete for them to use and that would be less likely to get lost in their desks. I am making labels for them - just as soon as my class list is finalized!!

This is my treasure box. I bought it years ago at IKEA. I hope to have school related items as well as a few dollar store treats.

Just need to find the lock - somewhere in the pile of boxes and bins!!!

So that is it, one of the ways I hope to keep my class motivated and on task this year : )


  1. That treasure box is AWESOME! You're such a wonderful teacher with your flexibility to make sure each student is successful in your class! (Does your school require each teacher do a home visit for all students?) When I was younger we used the money system and it was super motivational-your students are going to eat it up! Good luck next week! Thanks for sharing and linking up BBB!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. Those pencil cases look like the perfect solution for the little ones to store their money. I am sure your students will love this system! Enjoy!

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. Thanks for the fun money! I've been using a clip chart, too and letting them buy brag tags with points because they're a great (and cheap) alternative to the treasure box. I'm going to try your money instead of points. It will save me time if the firsties can manage it.
    Always Primary

    1. Love the idea of buying brag tags - I am going to put some in the treasure box!! Thanks for the idea : )


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