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Happy Monday!! I know a lot of people are starting their first day with students today - so I hope all of you are having a great day. I myself am trying to get things crossed off my to do list and enjoy the end of summer at the same time : )   I am also linking up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics for her amazing linky....

I remade my shared writing journals for my new class. I glue on the cover then cover with packing tape to add durability. I put writing prompts and a checklist on the inside cover. I also use stickers - each journal has a matching sticker. Students have a tracking page they put in their language notebook and each time the write in a journal they place a sticker on their page. You can check out my journals here at my TPT store.

I was talking to one of my teaching friends about binder covers and how she could not find any that she really wanted so I made some to see if they were more what she wanted. They are chevrons and owls and are editable and a freebie - you can pick them up here in my TPT store.

A READ sign for my room. Actually my daughter made this while my other daughter and I were laminating and cutting!! I love these letters and have loved these buttons from Dollar Tree - so I put them together - love how it turned out. I especially love it because I plan on picking up these Bloom's Buttons questioning cards at the TPT sale on Wednesday.

I also made birthday bags. I made a picture image I liked and printed it onto bags from the dollar store. I am putting in some small items into each bag (pencil, eraser, sweet treat). If you want the picture I used you can right click on the image to save it. Insert it into a PPT file to add text. To print it on a bag I inserted the image, rotated it, resized it slightly and placed it against the left margin a little higher than half way up the page. Place the bag on the left hand side of the printer and voila -you are all set. They would also be cute as a small card or postcard or birthday tag!

Lastly we laminated and cut and laminated and cut. Here are the word wall cards I will be using (click here to check out where I got them)  and my schedule cards (from this pack).

Okay this is it for me - off to check out my to do list - well after reading a few MMI blog posts of course.


  1. Your button letters are so cute!


  2. You have been SOOO productive!!! I love the colorful birthday certificates/tags and that adorable READ sign!

  3. You have been very very busy! Good job! Your READ sign is absolutely adorable!!!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  4. I love everything you made! I think that READ sign is the cutest one I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas!

    Fit to be Fourth

  5. That READ sign is sooooooo cute!!! The buttons really make it pop.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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