Five for Friday - Cats & Dots & Pirates

Happy Friday. Just popping in to give you an update on some of the things that have been happening in my class (I have been teaching seriously!!) So I am linking up with Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

When reviewing the letter sound "a" we read a lot of fun books including Splat the Cat (who I love, don't tell the other two famous cats - but Splat is my favourite!! so darn cute!!). One of our activities was making these adorable Splat the Cat paintings.

I found the idea on Pinterest of course!! I drew the outline and the students filled it in with paint. Then they used a paper comb to make the fur fuzzy. I made templates for the face and paw pads. We added googly eyes and whiskers if they wanted. On the side they cut and paste words with the "a" sound that they could read.

We celebrated International Dot Day (September 15th). This is my first time celebrating but there is so much teaching you can do with a dot. We used dot stickers to create a picture and then counted the dots. I placed coloured dots around the room and students had to find them and tally the number of dots for each colour. Students coloured a beautiful dot to decorate my desk. Next year I would like to add in some Twister games and 3D dot making and a class mural.

If you were doing it with older grades I think this book would be a great tie in!

We celebrated Talk Like a Pirate Day ( a day early - it is today!!). We made pirate scarves for our students using red plastic tablecloths from the Dollar Store and eye patches from paper and pipe cleaners. We were working on the letter "r" or in this case "argh" so they also got letter "r" hooks that I cut on my Cricut and we added to popsicle sticks.

Pirate Day included a treasure hunt in the hallway for "r" words. At the end of the treasure hunt were these adorable treasure bags (made by one of my teaching partners). Inside gold doubloons (a.k.a dollar store coins) and mini-granola bars.

Pirate day also included a math activity - students pulled a gem from the treasure box and had to model their number (tricksy teachers only included numbers 5-10 on the gems!).

It also included this cute craftivity modified from this pack from Babbling Abbey.

It also included a few books

and a few videos

and this song - only on GoNoodle

Hope you had a great week. I am looking forward to this weekend - I always think I am going to get so much done - then Sunday night comes....


  1. It looks like you had so much fun! I love The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! When I retire I'm going to go to Boston in the fall for sure. I noticed that Farfatia has a book called, Talk Like a Pirate. Always Primary

  2. Your students look so CUTE in their pirate outfits! This is some amazingly fun teaching. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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