Cookie Sorting Math and a Freebie!

Happy Monday!! It actually was a mostly happy Monday for me - which for a Monday is saying a lot : )

We have been working on sorting based on attributes such as size, shape, colour and of course since we have to sort buttons - the number of wholes!! I teach at a new school this year - so there will be no going on a leaf hunt and then sorting our leaves. Sooooo, we were brainstorming what else we could sort and I was flipping through the clipart files in my head (yes I store a copy in my head!) and it hit me, we can sort cookies!!

A sent home a little note (well a note printed on a label placed in the agendas) asking if possible could students bring in one cookie for a math sorting activity on Monday and that they would be able to enjoy it as part of their snack afterward.

I also brought in cookies - just in case we did not get 100% of our class covered. The Peak Freans assorted cookies since they had different shapes and flavors.

I gave each student a small paper plate - they put their name on the plate and the cookie too.
We gathered in a circle - we all put our cookies down and I started sharing sorting rules and we sorted our cookies (which of course I did not take a picture of - but trust me, it was fun and looked delish!).

Then I posted the page with two cookie jars. I recorded a sorting rule. I gave each student a cookie and had them place their cookie under the correct jar. Then we repeated with a new rule and again!

Finally I gave them their own cookie jars and cookies to create their own sorting rule and sort cookies into the jars.

As they worked they ate their cookies - and we all know, food makes math way more interesting : )

I placed my laminated jars and cookies in a bag so that students can use it as a free time activity.

If you would like a copy of this activity click here.

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  1. I love how you post your learning goals and success criteria- I need to do this more consistently! Thanks for a fun freebie! Who doesn't love cookies??? :)
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom


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