Storybots & Math Centres for Tried it Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! I am very happy to be linking up with Holly for her awesome linky...

I have two tried its - but they are related.

This year I am trying and loving the series of letter videos from Storybots on youtube. We watch one each day when we review our letter sound of the day and as a way to generate words that start with the letter. Here is the one we watched today.

They are so fun and catchy and educational :) My students love them!!

One day I decided to check out if there were any other Storybot videos and found this gem.

I love how they show the "bots" in different configurations - great subitizing!! Plus the be-do-be-bop part is awesome.

This little video led me to create a few "Robot" math centers. I wanted to introduce math centers to my class - but wanted something we could handle. The math activities review 10 frames, 1 more and 1 less and tallies - skills we have been working on for a bit. They could be used as "scoot" games but I used them for small groups today. Today was the first day we tried anything like this - we just have not been ready for more routines before now. We worked on taking the materials out, matching the card to the answer sheet, not writing on the task card, returning materials and voice levels - a very busy math class - with maybe less math than usual :).


You can check out these fun little math centers here. I also included an activity for early finishers to create their own robot using shapes. Be sure to check out the Storybots if you have anyone that needs some letter or sound review!!

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  1. Very, very cute! Made me wish I taught a younger grade so I could use these. :)

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings


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