Thank goodness it is the weekend!!! It has been a crazy week and think weekend is shaping up to be non-stop as well. I of course will be taking some time, okay a considerable amount of time, to organize my TPT wishlist in order to be ready for the sale on Monday (and Tuesday!!)

You have heard about the upcoming sale right?

Before you check out your wishlist you may want make sure you entered to win one of the five $25 TPT gift cards we are giving away! Today is the last day to enter. Click the image below to enter if you haven't already... winners will be announced tomorrow!

I don't know about you but I can spend hours on TPT and Pinterest looking at products - sometimes it is nice to get a little help or heads up about a great product. So to help you out we are sharing what is on our wishlist - it is like checking out other people's cart at the grocery store (which yes I totally do!)

Feel free to grab the banners and link up, too! Share two items that everyone has on their wish list from your store and one item that you have on your own wish list that you'll buy during the sale.

Perhaps it is the season but the number one most wish listed item in my store is my Elf Applications - a Persuasive Writing Activity!!

My students have always had a blast with this activity!! In fact we have loved all persuasive letter writing activities - you can check them out in this bundle.

The second most wish listed item is my Writing Goals Chart with Editable Pages. I love using these charts to display the goals we are working on in our class and to make customized goals for students or specific lessons.

You could also check out the Reading Goals Chart

 or the bundle of the two!!


What am I going to buy (besides more clipart that I probably do not need!!). One of the first items I will be purchasing is this amazing pack of Winter and Christmas Interactive Elements for any book!!

I was worried that my students may not be able to handle the cutting and pasting involved in creating notebooks, but they can and they love them!!! What I love about this product is that it is not book specific - I can use it for any book that we use!!! Also I love that there are grammar activities too - nouns, verbs and compound words - yes please!!

Check out this picture I stole borrowed from their blog.

What do you have on your wish list? What do you recommend?

With just a few days left before the craziness of December sets in I have been spending some time trying to figure out what I want my theme to be for December. I have done elves for the past few years...but I also love reindeer. So I think I am doing...BOTH!!

I am going with "Santa's Helpers" so that I can have the best of both worlds  : )

What do I have ready for this theme...umm.... nothin' but calendar cards. Last year I had just elves (which I can not find!!) so I updated them to include reindeer. If you would like a set of the Elf and Reindeer calendar cards click here. (if you want just the elves click here). Would you like a set of just reindeer - I could make those too!!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

We are so excited for the holiday season that we couldn't help but spread some love! Lots of your favorite TPT Teacher-Authors and I have teamed up to give YOU some TPT spending money. We love you and appreciate you (and we wish we could give all of our fabulous followers some money)!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving or like those of us in Canada just a crazy shopping weekend : )


I am very excited to be linking up with Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B for her super fun new linky....

It is my first time linking up (obviously!!) and I am already cheating. I am linking up a "them" instead of an "it".

Something that I can not live without in my teaching...craftivities. I know it is a ridiculous word. It is a word that was not even part of my vocabulary two or three years ago. But is a word I use frequently. It is also a word I type into Pinterest on a regular basis. Also, it is a word that lets you know you have met a kindred teaching know what I mean...when you bring the word up in conversation and they do not look at you like you are a crazy person...they look at you with a glimmer of excitement in their eyes!! That is a teaching kindred spirit : )

A craftivity is the perfect blend of an art activity with curriculum expectations all wrapped up in one beautiful bulletin board display!

The best thing about a works for any subject and any craft.

Halloween? Yep, use shapes to create a Frankenstein and write sentences describing the shapes you used.....

Writing Template from Rachel Lamb
Pirates? Yep.

Squirrels? Yep.

Splat the Cat? Yep.

50th Day of School? Yep, how to make a root beer float book....

One of my favourite finds this year have been these Power Passages from Teacher to the Core (I don't know her - just a fan!). Because they include great reading passages perfect for building fluency? Nope. Because they include writing templates that match the reading passage? Nope. Because the include adorable craftivities? YES!!

We made these super cute placemats with writing about food we like and these adorable cats with sentences about what cats can do...

You know what is coming, the Christmas Season or as I like to think of it Craftivity Season!!! Yes, I have a problem : )  But seriously if you know of any must-do craftivities let me know!!

Happy Monday. I am just stopping by very quickly for two reasons. One to try and stay in a blogging groove and two to share some posters I made for our classrooms.

It is Bullying Prevention Awareness Week. Our school is using the book One by Kathryn Otoshi as a mentor text.

I found this great Pinterest board with lots of links to ideas to use with this book. Only a few of the links don't go anywhere - ugh I hate when that happens. So I took two of the ideas I found on Pinterest and created posters for our classrooms. If you would like a copy just click on the picture.


Be sure to check back tomorrow to see if I can keep the blogging streak alive : )

Yes I am alive and kicking (well more like shuffling). I have thought of many posts that I wanted to share, I have even taken pictures to support some of those posts, some even had freebies too, but as you know those posts have never made it onto the screen (mine or yours). Hopefully this post is the first step back to blogging and sharing (fingers crossed).

Thursday was our 50th Day of School and we celebrated like it was 1999 (which to my students might as well be 50 years ago!!).

First off, my teaching partner and I dressed up in poodle skirts. I did not get a picture but we looked amazing. Here is the skirt I wore:

Some of our students dressed up too. This cutie had a comb in his back pocket and Popeye cigarettes rolled in his sleeve!!

We started the day with a PPT on the 1950's - comparing and contrasting then and now. They loved seeing pictures of what a "mom" would wear as she cooked in the kitchen. The teacher who comes in to do our arts and phys ed wore a dress, heels and a 1950's apron all day - it was awesome.

We did a lot of math activities counting to and making 50. A lot of our activities came from this packet from Cara Carroll (don't know her, just stalk her, but this is a great unit perfect for this year and different stuff for next year!).

Making root beer floats and these little books was the highlight of the day for many of the students. They kept saying how it was the best day of school ever (high praise from students who have only been in school for two years!). They loved making the books, drinking the drink and talking about them (non-stop).

We had a sock hop in the gym. We hand jived, twisted and bunny hopped. Of course we hula hooped too.

The day before, or the 49th day of school (not the most amazing day of school ever!!) we did this little counting to 50 chart. A quick way to check in on number skills. Click here to pick up a copy (and save it for next year since I am a terrible blogger and blog after the fact when I blog at all!!).

Since my students said this was the best day ever and I do believe that theme days are a great way to motivate students to learn without them realizing it, I am linking up this post with Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching for her always inspiring linky....

I hope to be back soon to share ideas for Bullying Prevention Awareness Week and what we have been up to in our class.

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