Snow Time Five for Friday

Happy Friday!! Today was a loooonnng day - we had lots of fun but some other craziness in the school made it a little tricky to stay focussed. The end of the day could not come quick enough - and then some of my students were dawdling when getting ready for home. How to impress upon them the importance of being quick on a Friday at the end of the day without getting hysterical is something I am working on for next week. I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share some of our "snow time" activities from this week.

We made adorable snowman clocks. I used a free clock template I found here. We glued it to the bottom of a blue piece of construction paper and then I gave my students freedom to create the snowman that they wanted - no templates, no tracers. I love how they turned out. We added an I can statement to the top because they were going home and I wanted to be sure parents new the expectation.

We cut a pineapple! Big deal you say, wait there is more. We followed the procedural writing given to us by a Grade 3/4 class and used their success criteria to give them two stars and a wish feedback. The pineapple was delicious and it was really fun to go upstairs to see the big kids and give them our thoughts. We graphed our feelings about pineapple with a yes/no survey. I used my awesome thumbs up sticky notes I got at Target, which is now closing in Canada!!!!! Ugh!

We stacked mini-marshmallows to collect and organize data. We did this earlier with large marshmallows but we did not organize our data - this time we talked about how to show our data so that it was easy to understand and talk about. And we ate marshmallow, hello, who can resist!



We did a telling time scavenger hunt. We are working on telling time to the hour and half hour. We did a find your matching card activity (analogue and digital clock match). Then we did a find and record hunt. They had a blast.

We made a mini-snowman! We are working on procedural writing (that is why we did the pineapple cutting - it was a writing swap!). So I made a mini-snowman as the students gave me instructions. We recorded each step. Then we watched the snowman melt away throughout the day - this was to introduce the concept of elapsed time!!

You can check out the telling time task cards here if you are interested. The include a recording sheet to do the elapsed time snowman melting activity too.


  1. I can't imagine trying to get first graders moving. (Then again, I can't imagine me lasting more than five seconds in first grade!) More power to you.

    Is there anything they can do before the end of the day? (We set out our homework after lunch...makes a nice transition for them to copy the board while settling down after recess.)

  2. Your kids had a great day of learning and fun that will stick so much more in their memories. Thank you for being a teacher who understands what's important.

  3. Awwwww! I LOVE the snowmen clocks! Such a great idea! And that you let them make it without a template! That's one of those crafts you save as a mom to show them later! LOVE!

    I also think it's such a great idea to have a class write to another class. Very authentic!! And the mini snowman you made!!! Awwwww! I mean I know you made it educational but it's so fun!!! What a great teacher you are!!!

    I'm curious as to what the disruptions were I allowed to ask?



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