100th Day Fun

I know, I know...I blog and post things too late!! But today was our 100th Day of School celebration and I thought I would share a few photos with you (even though you have seen very similar ones on Pinterest - since that is where it all comes from!!). One day I will be one of those super organized people and I will blog before an event or unit or special day and you will be in shock. Until then....

We started with this bulletin board (inspired by this bulletin board - which was inspired by Mailbox Magazine). Students wrote 1 thing they have learned so far this year.

We also put 100 (ish - who can count that many) balloons in the space between our classrooms for the students to walk through (inspired by this school)  It was not as crazy as I thought it might be, but I am not sure I would do it again next year : )

We made a 100 Piece Snack - that was high in sugar and took a lot of concentrating and counting!!.

We made a Froot Loop necklace. We used the planner sheet found in this awesome freebie from Mrs. Jones Creation Station

I highly recommend the planning page for the necklace, it kept students organized and on track. I also read an awesome tip on a blog (but I can't remember which one) about tying one Froot Loop to the end of the string before students start - this is a great way to keep the loops from sliding off - it was perfect!!

We did stations, we made 100 Year Old Me portraits (which I will share when they are on the bulletin board because they are so stinking cute!).  

Hope you had a great Monday! Maybe, just maybe I will be able to post some of our Valentine's Day activities before March : )

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