Moving to Grade 1 this year has made me an even bigger TPT junkie and blog stalker than I was before! I am always grateful when I find a teacher that just happens to be able to read my mind and create the perfect resource (and of course have it uploaded before I even knew I needed it!!).

That is why I am so happy to be linked up with these amazing teacher-creators. If you are looking for some amazing resources scroll through the list below - they are organized by grade - I am sure you will find someone who just happened to read your mind and created the perfect resource for your class too.

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I have no idea where this weekend went. My to do list looks the exact same way it looked Friday after school. That is not good!! I know that there are about 20 things I should be doing instead of this here blog post but if I don't do it now I know it will slowly fade into the pile of blog posts I meant to write - and I just love these books and activities too much!!

So here we go, let's take a look at

I have been in heaven the last few weeks because my teaching lined up in a way that let me blend our reading, writing, science and math together (and a field trip too)!! Love when that happens. In Reading we were learning to identify the "big" or main idea and compare and contrast. To do this we were using fairy tales, with a focus on The Three Little Pig. In Writing we are learning about adjectives - we described the houses and the characters. In Science we were learning about structures - hello, 3 little pigs building houses using different materials!! In Math we were learning about 3D solids - ummm, structures and frames anyone!!

Here are the main texts we used:

The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf was our main text that we used to compare other texts and videos (woohoo videos!) with. We also looked at some of the vocabulary we found in the text.

The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig was the class favourite. The over the top materials being used (concrete, cinder blocks) and the ending when the pig ***SPOILER ALERT*** is brought around by a house made of flowers was totally engaging for my students.

The Three Little Pigs An Architectural Tale brings in real life and famous architects and the 3 Little Aliens taught us about those spheres (math term!!) in the sky known as planets.

Here are some of the activities we did (with a couple of freebies so pay attention!)

First we used eggs to look at the 3 types of structures: solid (mini eggs), shell (KinderEgg) and frame (string frame).

Then students made a shell structure nest. We used spaghetti noodles, brown paint and glue. Students need a plastic container to form their nest and let it dry. The mixing was a little bit messy - but they turn out sooo cute. Students made little eggs and I may have added a few candy eggs before they went home.

After making a chart comparing the different versions of the story  we made puppets to retell the story ourselves. We talked about how fairy tales have many retellings and each retelling can change some details as long as the main idea (!!) remains the same.

Freebie #1

Click here for a copy of the puppets for your class. We attached the characters to popsicle sticks and the settings to folded tag paper.

We brainstormed adjectives to describe the characters and talked about what we know about the houses.

We created our own houses that the Big, Bad Blow-Dryer tried to blow down. We used this fabulous freebie to get us started.

After the challenge was done and we talked about the materials used and how we created strong and stable structures we talked about what the BBW would want the houses to be built with and why.

Freebie #2
Click here for the anchor chart prompts.

Lastly we worked on the Big Idea - this is our most recent look at the big idea of a fun little fairy tale.

As a little aside, my students loved watching this cartoon, it is a classic!!

As always, I would love to know...

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