Fractions & Powtoon: Five for Friday

We started our ABC Countdown (although we are calling it a celebration to try and keep anxiety low and our own glee hidden). We are two days in - so only 24 to go!! To share a few things from our week  I am linking up for Five for Friday with Doodle Bugs Teaching.

I finally got around to using Powtoon with my Grade 1 class. I love this program and used it with my students last year in Grade 3/4 and taught my own daughters to use it to create presentations for their assignments. This is the Powtoon I made to introduce fourths to my students.



Here is the work my students did with the cookie question.
First we talked about what we knew about half and fractions. Then I gave them the word fourths and we brainstormed what it might mean. We watched the Powtoon - I could not get the voice recording to work so I read it in my best announcer voice.
We had some good discussion about what we knew from the picture - that there were 12 cookies, if we split them in half there would be 6 and 6. Some students thought it would be a good idea to cut each cookie in 4 pieces. We talked about how messy and crumbly and not exact that could be.
But of course some of my students could not move past the idea of cutting the cookies in four equal pieces. So after sharing our thinking - the two ways of solving the problem - I took 12 paper cookies and cut them in fourths. Then we shared all the pieces on four plates. Each person got 12 cookie pieces - which could be put together to make 3 cookies!! Lightbulb moment : )

We started our ABC celebration (as I mentioned above!). On Thursday we brought in an animal stuffy. What I love about the ABC celebration is that you can do so much learning around the theme and the kids are totally engaged!! Here we are measuring and comparing our animals - mine is the dragon - I may have known the learning we would be doing and ensured I would win - but the snake was a close call : )

I found a great book for next year for launching reading workshop Hank Finds an Egg by Rebecca Dudley. I have it in my class right now - as a great review of what good readers do when they are reading - make predictions, infer, ask questions, use picture clues etc.
I am not always a huge fan of wordless picture books but this one has a lot of details in the photographs so it is easy for students to tell the story and make predictions. This book makes the story clear and perfect for a read aloud.

Lastly we finished our letters to our favorite local community restaurants - I can't wait to get them in the mall in the hopes that they decide to send us some free food or coupons or something!!

Be sure to check back in this weekend to find out how we are using the book Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet to kick off our persuasive writing unit.


  1. I am off to check out the fraction link. Thanks for blogging about this. Paula from Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. Your Powtoon is AMAZING!! I've never even heard of this! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  3. I used this tool to create a flipped math lesson for one of my graduate classes. I had SO much fun with this, and found so much value in it, I actually upgraded to the EXTREMELY reasonably priced student subscription. The only weaknesses I could find with this tool are related to the limitations put on the user of the free version. They disappear when you pay the nominal fee for one of the many different upgrade types.

    I would totally recommend PowToon. It’s easy and fun to use (you don’t have to be a genius or a developer) and it’s engaging to watch the end product.

    ~Ellen@College Reine Marrie


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