Dare to Dream

Well friends it has finally come - I am officially on summer vacation!! I feel like my brain has already shut down and slipped into vacation mode. This week was an extremely long week with my daughter's graduation, my school's graduation, end of the year slideshow, trying to clean and organize my classroom etc.

I saw this on Erica Boher's Instagram and it about sums up the state of my house right now:

So before my brain completely shuts down I thought I would complete the second week's challenge for the TPT Sellers Challenge with Third in Hollywood and friends.

So they are pretty self-explanatory but here is a bit more detail just in case : )
1. We have not had tons of family vacations. My husband has not had much, if any, vacation time in the summer and we have not always had the money to do anything big with our kids. I would like to make and save enough money so that we could do a few big vacations before our kids our too old and too cool to be seen with us.
2. My daughter is off to high school in the fall - which means just 4 short years till university - I would love to be able to put more money away for this.
3. I really do LOVE the idea of something I created being used and enjoyed in other classrooms. I love being able to share with other teachers. I LOVE learning from other teachers. I know that people say that blog reading is declining - but it is still my favourite way to learn about other classrooms and share what is happening in mine. I hope to that people continue to blog and that people continue to read my blog or see my ideas on Pinterest and come and check them out.
So those are my dreams. My other dream is of course to lose weight without trying and with eating fries, cheesecake and bread....I think it may happen soon!!
Have a great weekend - I can't wait till Sunday night (to watch True Detective!) and to be able to go to bed knowing that the next day is mine, all mine!!


  1. Congrats on finishing the school year, and welcome to summer! I thoroughly hope you enjoy sleeping in on Monday morning! I agree with you, I still love reading blogs and seeing the awesome activities others are doing in their classroom! I think it keeps me fresh, after teaching the same grade level for 10 years. It was so nice stopping by your blog! Have a great summer!


  2. Happy summer to you! Relax and enjoy your well-deserved break.


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