Beaches, Zombies and Rock Stars - What I'm Wearing

I can't believe I am typing this but I am.....I am linking up with Jivey today for her linky, What I'm Wearing Wednesday!!!

 Why am I so surprised, a few reasons:

1. I am a plus size gal.
2. I hate shopping for clothes (see above).
3. I hate having my picture taken (see above).
4. I am a horrible blogger with good intentions to blog!!

Despite reasons 1-3, I do enjoy reading about people's stitch fix deliveries and seeing pictures of what people are wearing and how they are accessorising, I guess I am just weird that way : )

So, I am linking up today, to show you what I have been wearing....sort of : )

One of our favorite summer activities is heading to the beach. We love Lake Huron and try to get there as often as possible. This summer I needed some new swimwear. I picked up this new tank and I love it.

It is "waist slimming". Now I am not saying it is a miracle worker but see this scrunching.....

it really does work. It helps create a nice silhouette. The scrunching also helps the top stay down in the water!

Unfortunately I wore it with my skirt-like bottom. I usually love this bottom as it helps to hide a little more upper thigh (see number one above!)......but see this slit.....

well when you are sitting on your beach chair, talking to one of your best friends, who is also a teacher, who you haven't seen since March.....well you end up with some wonky tan/burn lines. Yes I ended up with a large triangle of summer color on ONE thigh.

So on our trip to the beach this week I will be wearing this suit....

I love it because it looks like a two piece suit with a tank and bottom but it is one piece - so no floating top!! I was worried about the stripes, getting too stretched (see number one above) or making me look wide but it is a pretty flattering fit. Also, it poofs a bit at the stomach to make it look like a tank - so I can totally blame any stomach poofiness on the suit : )

After our trip to the beach I spent 3 days wearing this t-shirt, while my car wore this sign.

The t-shirt was a boxy, unisex, unflattering shirt....but it meant that I was a volunteer at a music festival!! This was my first time volunteering and I LOVED it.

My first duties were at the "Breaking Zombies" event with live music and a zombie walk. I did not get to be a zombie but I did get to see a wide range of zombies, some people went all out. I am a fan of people watching and a zombie walk is a great place to do it. If your city ever hosts a zombie walk I highly recommend attending. Here are a few pics of the zombies (I guess I should say they are graphic, but you all know it is just make-up and not real zombies, but just in case, I guess they are graphic).

The next day I was a "runner" at the music fest. If you know me or read point number one above, you know I am not a runner. I am a walker or on this day I was a driver. I got to go backstage to the production area, where all the trailers are and all the behind the scenes people work. It was really cool to see what happens behind the scene at a rock show. My first duty, doing a food run!! I was given the VIP parking pass seen above, $500 cash (in five dollar bills) and sent to pick up a fast food order for the production staff. I picked up a $351.00 food order at Harveys. Very rock star lifestyle : )

The next day was the big concert. I scanned tickets and wristbanded people. Another great opportunity to people watch. But the highlight, watching Jane's Addiction and Soundgarden. I am 42 years old and started university in 1991, the year Grunge hit the music scene big time. So these are bands that were the soundtrack to my university years....a great time of my life. We got pretty close to the stage.....

unfortunately Chris Cornell did not spot me in the crowd and ask me to join the tour....but it was a great show nonetheless.

Here are two highlights from the show

Now, there has been a lot of talk on social media lately about finding your tribe, so I am looking for my tribe #fortysomething plussize teacher re-living her youth
Any takers.....or is it a party of one.

So if you made it this far, be sure to check out Jivey's post and linky for some real fashion ideas!!


  1. LOL you had me cracking up the whole time! I love those suits, and I am super jealous of your VIP status at the music festival! How does one volunteer for such events??

  2. Jane's Addiction and Soundgarden--wow--I'd love to go to that show.
    If you can't tell, I'm not a shopping guru either..I know, but surprise. Have you looked into StitchFix. I ended up getting that for my wife (it delivers clothes tailored specifically for yourself and likes/dislikes. So far it has worked out really well...I think she's hooked.

  3. I can be in your tribe and then it will be a party of two and we can eat as much movie-theater popcorn as we want! What shall we name our tribe? P.S. I tried Gwynnie Bee...the stitch fix for over a size 10...except you pick out the clothes yourself and you rent them....send back or buy are the options.
    Everything fit me weird, so I cancelled, but at least I tried it...which was way out of my comfort zone!
    I love all of your outfits and am jealous of your music adventures. I worked in a music store during the grunge phase. I had billions of CDs.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. You lead such a glamorous life AMC! I could definitely join your tribe. We could add "obsession with clip art, borders and digital paper."

    1. How could I have forgotten about the clipart and papers!!!

  5. I want to be in your tribe too! Loved your post and really cute outfits! The music festival sounds amazing!

    Karla's Kreations

  6. AMC~ This post is awesome! The music festival sounds like a blast. I subscribe to Stitch Fix which I get every other month or so and I'm still crazy about trying on the clothes. I'm very grateful that my sisters are fashionable because otherwise I'd be wearing shorts and a tshirt every day.. and I would never match for school. Please add me to the tribe ..LOL ;)
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans


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