Light a Fire With a Good Book: BTS Book Ideas and Giveaway

As you may know I am a big blog stalker reader. I still have a few weeks of summer left but this time of year always puts my brain into BTS overdrive. I love seeing all the purchases teachers are making, planners they are using and OH MY WORD - I am addicted to classroom set-up pics. So even though I have a few weeks to go, I have caught BTS fever. My mind is reeling with ideas.  

I am not the only one thinking of BTS, several of us bloggers have come together to give you some awesome ideas for Back to School Books! These books can be used to set up your classroom community, begin a good lesson, or just as a fun read-aloud.

The book I'd like to share with you is...

If you have never read this book (you totally need to!!!) you can check it out here....

This book tells the story of a young boy, named Jeremy, who really wants THOSE SHOES, the black high tops with the white stripes, like all the other boys. Unfortunately they can not afford those shoes. Jeremy luckily finds a pair at a thrift shop and even though they are too tight he buys them anyway, what happens next....warms my heart : )

This book is perfect for so many lessons in your classroom. This is a great resource of lesson plan ideas. I have used this book in many ways depending on the grade I was teaching. Here are some ideas:

*teach about picking "good fit" books (goes perfectly with this good fit anchor chart freebie)
*teach about needs vs. wants
*teach about social justice
*teach about how each of us have different needs in our classroom and  people may get different things depending on their needs
*teach about wanting to fit in/have the "cool" thing

and my favorite....

*teach about everyday heroes

I have put a few of the activities I use together in this freebie.

I have used this book as part of a Superhero classroom theme kick-off (you can read more about that here) It is a great way to look at what makes someone a hero (cause Jeremy is totally a hero in the story in my opinion) and how we can be everyday heroes for others. I love using a superhero theme - my students totally buy into it and it is easy to bring into so many aspects (read about our superhero reading party here). I even brought it into our home reading as we all worked to become "super" readers. If you want to see what I used you  check them out here.

And have you heard? Teachers Pay Teachers is having a site-wide Back to School Sale August 3rd and 4th, so you will be able to get these reading response sheets and logs 28% off using the promo code BTS15!

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Good luck! We hope you have a successful start to your school year!
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  1. This sounds like my Jeremy when he was little. I always hear him talking with his brothers laughing about how they wanted "those shoes"...Michael Jordan high tops! Loved the video! Thank you for sharing! xox
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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