Making a Bulletin Board Border - Tried it Tuesday

I know you read the title of this post and said, "Seriously, it is Wednesday and she is not even back at school yet, can't she post on the right day!".....well maybe you didn't say that, but I said it to myself. It's just that last night I had to watch America's Got Talent (just one more act, ok, just one more act and so on) and then print and laminate a bazillion pieces of paper. But I am here to share a fun, cute, easy idea for a math bulletin board with you now so let's just forget all about that other stuff.

So I found this adorable freebie from Lovely Little Leaders on TpT one day this summer (click here to check it out)....

I just loved them.....but I do not have the room to display them : (

But I really love them, so I kept thinking about them and finally late one night (when all my good ideas pop in my head) I knew how I could use them. I turned them into a border for my math bulletin board.

To make this border I selected to print multiple pages on the print screen. I printed 4 pages on one page. I made 2 copies of the alphabet. I laminated the pages and then cut the cards out.

I was not sure how many letters I would need so I decided to make some number cards to match and go along with the ABC cards on my border. I used two alphabets and filled in spaces with number cards

If you want a copy of the number cards I made click here.

I did not put a lot of info on the number cards because I use my number anchor posters all year long so I just kept them simple. Here is a pic of the number cards from last year with the tissue paper border - apparently I can not have a normal math bulletin board border.

You can check out my number posters here.

I love the look of my math bulletin board and think it will be up all year (especially since I have already moved it once and each card has to be put up individually!!).

I am glad that I tried making a bulletin board border so I am linking up this post with my friend Holly over at the Fourth Grade Flipper for .....

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  1. Anne!!! I have been SO MIA! Thank you so much for linking up almost two months ago. I was checking out all your cute October posts. You are on top of things this fall! Are you loving 2nd grade?! I love your number posters and how clever was that to print the alphabet smaller to use as a border! :)


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