Fall & Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom {Freebies}

Do you know what I love about Thanksgiving? The food, the sweater weather, the falling leaves, the family, the coffee with Baileys....well yes, I love all those things. BUT what I really love is that it is the only time that I can post some holiday themed ideas and some people can actually use them on time (since Canadian Thanksgiving is like 5 weeks before the American Thanksgiving)!!!

So here it is a blog post (shocking in and of itself) with some fall and Thanksgiving ideas from my classroom to yours.

This fall we have had a bit of a "scarecrow" theme going on. Here are some of the texts we used in our classroom...

The Little Scarecrow Boy was helpful in identifying the role of a scarecrow. We are working on roles, responsibilities and rules in Social Studies so we tied the role of a scarecrow and we are working on list writing so....they wrote a list of the roles of a scarecrow.

We also made a class list of the materials needed to make a scarecrow. The Scarecrow's Hat and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves were very helpful for this writing activity.

Here is a blank writing page you could use for your writing activities. Just save the picture and insert it into a ppt file and add your own text.

Next we decided to build a scarecrow. We watched this Berenstain Bears video (great for Growth Mindset - they don't give up) and they figure out how to make a scarecrow.

Here we are building our scarecrow....it was a group effort. The students decided on each step and I recorded the steps as we went.

Setting up the sticks (rulers) and clothes)

Tying the pants and sleeves to keep the paper in. Rolling up the newspaper balls - fun for everyone!!

We only got the legs done, we placed him on the table and they thought it looked like he needed surgery.

We named our scarecrow (David) and used the scarecrow theme to do loads of math.

We made button patterns...

They wrote about their patterns too. My teaching partner does this activity with beans to look like seeds which is super cute too.

We sorted buttons into jars and Venn Diagrams. Click here for a copy

We made number bonds. The scarecrow card is the number they needed to make in total. They put groups of corn (yellow base 10 blocks - the ones cube) into each wheelbarrow - boom a number bond is created. They made different combinations and recorded.  I laminated the recording sheet so they can use the materials in a center too. Click here for a copy.

Our Thanksgiving activities were all turkey based (not basted, hahaha!)

We made these turkey decorations (inspired by this post on Crafty Morning found on Pinterest). We added red balloons - cause they just make them that much cuter.

I love holiday confetti - I sprinkle some on all the students' desks before they arrive - I just love it....even thought it is messy.

We read Turkey Trouble (which they super duper loved - one little boy kept telling me how he wished he could have that book, and wondering how I ever found such a good book!!).
Then we made these adorable turkeys based on the ones seen here on The First Grade Parade blog.
We made a list of food items we could eat instead of turkey. 
Well there you have it, some holiday ideas shared in a timely manner!!
Believe it or not if you drop by again tomorrow I will be back with Halloween ideas (freebies, tips, a hop and prizes!!)

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  1. What a fun activity! PERFECT for procedural writing! :) Can't wait for the Hop tomorrow! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom


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