Leapin' into Leap Year Learning

This February has been jam packed with holidays and special school events to learn about and celebrate. It has been a long month of celebrations and disruptions to our normally scheduled programming learning. But despite the possibility of holiday/special day fatigue I am really excited that Leap Day is falling on a teaching day. I even started doing some activities last week I am so into it!

Last week we started with a frog directed drawing and a writing prompt. I used the directions from Art for the Class and think they turned out super cute. The directions were perfect and I love that they used oil pastels and watercolour paints.

Before we started our writing I read this book....

Which is actually a great book for proportional reasoning in math but I used it to connect how a frog leaps to what we could leap (Spoiler Alert!! If we hopped like a frog we could hop to the top of the Statue of Liberty). The book got our brains thinking so it did its job.

Click here or on the picture to pick up a copy of the writing prompt.


We also worked on using a number line to add and subtract. Click here or on the picture to pick up a copy.


On Monday we will be working on this math problem. We will make number lines to use as a tool to show our thinking. Click here or on the picture to pick up this problem.


We will also be using this book to keep our writing going. It is a super cute book about a frog that does not want to be a frog...until of course he does. He goes through a lot of other animal options which makes for some fun class writing.....which animal would you like to be and why...what special qualities do you have....

Here is a little trailer for the book...

We will also watch this video...

Last year was my first time teaching a Leap Day baby (in 17 years!!!) and tomorrow we are having our end of the month assembly and will sing happy birthday to him as he turns 2!! 

Last and not least, be sure to hop on over to my store tomorrow for a Leap Day sale!!

Thanks to Jivey from Ideas by Jivey for this super cute sale graphic.

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