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Soooooo, as you probably know I changed grades last year and as you also probably know it threw me for a loop (hence, the rapid decline in blogging and sharing). But now I am in my second year in Grade 1 (well Grade 1/2 this year) and feel like I can see (and share) what works for me, my students and my classroom. I could focus on all of the things that have not worked....maybe start "Failed at it Friday" or "Totally Tanked Tuesday" but I figured I would start with the positives (but you know I will sprinkle in a few Failed it Fridays too - cause that is a great name!).

So what's working in my classroom...Class Dojo. I started using ClassDojo last year at the recommendation of a parent/teacher. I was reluctant to try it because I thought there was no way I would be consistent giving out points and focussing on behaviour all day. Boy was I wrong. I LOVE it, I use it, my students respond to it and parents enjoy it too!

I love that ClassDojo lets me decide what behaviours to reward and which to discourage. Here is a pic of my positive behaviours:

I really do try to focus on giving out positive points. Our 2 biggest behaviours are self-regulation (huge focus in our class!) and following directions (first time, promptly, properly). This week I added Morning and End of the Day and Lining Up and made them worth a LOT of points because we hit a point were some students were still needing prompting for these activities (past the 100th Day of School!!!) and I just can not say "Stack your chairs, pick up garbage, agendas and lunch bags, then line up" anymore!!

I like the class reports and that parents can see a similar report for their own child. These reports are great for class meetings - to discuss problems or set goals.

This year I am thrilled with how I am using ClassDojo for parent communication - I have 100% of the parents signed up - that is a first for me for any platform!

I love using ClassDojo to message parents or share pics and quick reminders to parents.

And this year ClassDojo added a series of Growth Mindset videos that I LOVE!! You can check out the videos here even if you do not use ClassDojo in your room.

Last year I did have a 100 point board (inspired by this pin) but I found out some of my students did not like the added comparison and pressure. So I am not doing it this year - but think it may work for others. I have thought about having a ClassDojo store (inspired by this pin) but have not started one and think - if the points work as a reward do I want to mess with it. I love that ClassDojo shares their graphics with you so that it is easy to create additional rewards or certificates for your class.

So that is it, something that is working in my classroom. I hope to see you back here next Wednesday (and maybe check in for a Failed at it Friday soon) but until then I would love to hear what is working in your room.

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