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I know what you are thinking. You are wondering if I am back to blogging or if I have a serious alliteration problem....Terrific Text Tuesday, What's Working Wednesday. Well, I really, really want to be back to blogging and I think using alliteration is the key!!! 

So, welcome to Terrific Text Tuesday!! The first terrific text I would like to share with you is Windblown by Edouard Manceau.

Mentor Text- Windblown

This is a fantastic story about 7 pieces of paper that get windblown (shocking I know, based on the title and cover pic you would never have gotten that!!). The pieces of paper keep taking the shape of different animals who claim the paper belongs to them. Here are some examples from the book.

The text is simple yet engaging but the true beauty of this book is its inspiration for student art. My students were amazed by the different creations that came from the same pieces of paper and were very eager to try their hand out making something out of just 7 pieces of paper.

Here are some of their samples (a fish, an insect, a snail and an owl - just in case!). We also had a dog, a monster and a platypus to name a few.

Using Windblown for creative art lesson

You can find a template for the 7 pieces from the story here. I did not want to print a colour copy for each of my students so I made simple templates using Powerpoint and copied them on to the correct colour of paper. You can grab my super simple templates here. I cut the orange circle myself so that I did not have 4 students trying to work out who is cutting and how.

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