Circle Labels - Failed (Then Succeeded) at it Friday

Do you know how you think of yourself as pretty competent at something, and you are going about your business and thinking, ya I've got this, I have my stuff together and then BAM, you are like how did I miss this, what was I thinking....well that happened to me at the end of the year AND I am going to blame end of the school year brain for it (so I can keep telling myself I have it going on!!).

So, I read a great blog post from Create Teach Share on how she uses the photo album boxes for close reading tool boxes and since I am all about tool boxes I fell in LOVE!! She even shared her labels for free. But as I stated above, I did not have it going on, so when I ran out to Michael's I purchased the wrong size of box. So I made a label for our tool boxes (we will be using the during conferences and guided reading-work with the teacher time).

Then I decided I wanted more labels, I wanted to make some super cute labels for "teacher tools". So I opened up my circle label file in MS Word and started to make super cute labels. That's right I tried making labels, super cute labels in MS Word!!! A program I hate, that I have never been successful with, that I can not figure out how to move things and wrap text and add more images.

But did I give, I kept at it and kept at it....and finally I had this...

sad little labels that did not even really fit on the circle. But I had invested too much time, so I printed a whole sheet of them. That's right, after wasting all of that time, I decided the best thing to do was waste a beautiful page of glossy circle labels (labels that I LOVE, labels that I do not use for student materials, labels that are just for me). Then to further my pain, I brought them to school and put them on some of my containers and bins and drawers.

Finally, summer arrived, my end of the school year brain had a chance to reset and while I was doing dishes (25% of my summer vacation - what are we eating, why do we use so many glasses!!) it came to me "You were supposed to make the circle label in ppt, a program you love and save it as a picture then insert it into the label file!!! Yes, yes that is what I was supposed to do.

So that is what I did, I made a circle picture in ppt and inserted it into my Word (blech!!) file. And yes I did print off another sheet and yes I will replace the other labels cause these are MY tools and they need cute labels!!!

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