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Thanks for joining me for another edition of What's Working Wednesday. This week I want to share with you something I used successfully throughout the year.....teaching fiction story elements. I know, hold the presses, revolutionary idea right here people. What worked for me was not the teaching of these elements but how and when I taught them.

Last year I used holidays as a time to teach, re-teach and explore characters, settings, problems and solutions. As well, I used holidays as a time to revisit some reader response concepts that my students needed additional time with.

We started close to Halloween. We had been reading a lot of non-fiction texts about bats and owls and spiders but as the holiday drew near I wanted to read some of my favourite Halloween picture books so we started with a comparison and activating what we knew about fiction texts.

fiction text elements and anchor charts
Next I used the small posters to create anchor charts for the books we were reading as a class, this is for Room on the Broom.
fiction text elements and anchor charts
We revisited the text elements again at Christmas and then again at Easter. I did not always use a "holiday" book...any book we were reading worked - but the graphics on the posters connected to our holiday and were a great visual for my students.

In the spring I set the board up so that we could collect the information for a couple of texts and make connections and comparisons between texts.

I also made a set of posters for our fairy tale unit. I know fairy tales have different features that set them apart but in our class we were just looking at the similarities and differences in characters, setting, problem and solution.

Here are the poster sets. I made a colour and a b&w version in the full page and half page sizes.

fiction text element posters

fiction text element posters
Each poster set has corresponding reading response activity sheets. They are the same each time so that students become familiar with the expectations.

fiction reading response activities

fiction reading response activities

If you want to check out the posters and reading response activities click here ..maybe this could be something that works in your classroom too!

fiction text feature posters

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