I'm The Biggest Thing in the Ocean - Terrific Text Tuesday

Yes, it is summer and I am a teacher....but I do know it is not Tuesday....it is in fact Wednesday. More importantly what it is is extremely hot!!! AND I live in a house without A/C, that's right no air conditioning!! So my brain is moving very slow....VERY, VERY slow. In fact we just went to see a movie that only one person wanted to see just so we could all sit in the cold movie theatre. Now that my brain has cooled off a little I want to share a terrific text with you....

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean Mentor Text

This was our mentor text for our measurement unit. It is a great story about a giant squid that believes he is the biggest thing in the ocean...until he isn't : )

It was a great introduction to some measurement vocabulary and the idea of making comparisons between objects.

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean Mentor Text

After reading the book and discussing the story and language we dove into measuring. We started by measuring some ocean creatures....I traced ocean clip art (from this set from the actual talented artist Pink Cat Studio) and my students thought I was amazing.

Mentor text and measurement ideas for a primary classroom

 We agreed to use unifex cubes and away we went again, measuring, recording and sharing our work.

measuring with unifex cubes

The next day we decided our ocean creatures needed homes! So we made tanks and measured around the object....to introduce perimeter!!

measuring perimeter to create a tank for our ocean creature
 Here are some follow up worksheets we used to reinforce what we were learning about measurement.
measurement freebie

Click here for the measurement freebie.

After working for a week on measuring our ocean creatures it was time to show what we knew....so the students created their own math story..."The Biggest Thing in the Garden"

measurement activity

Students were given a background scene and some garden objects. I used clipart that I have (from the talented Krista Walden). The garden scene was printed on 11 x 17 paper. I printed out 3 different sizes of each insect/bug/bird so the students had choice about what object would be bigger and biggest etc. Students wrote about their garden scene and included the measurements for the objects that backed up their story.

I love how they turned out....

You could adapt this to fit any theme or clipart you have.... the biggest thing in the classroom, at the park, in the forest, in the store, in my room, at the fair.....

I found this activity on Pinterest (just the picture, no link : (  )

and think it would be a great activity to do with either a whale or giant squid outline too. They use it to find how many students could fit inside but you could place other animals inside, find how many books fit inside, use different size of tools to measure.......

Kinder Corner has a great freebie for making a class book where each student creates a page with a sentence and illustration telling what they are bigger than.

Rainy Day Mum has a freebie for ordering the animals from the story including a larger whale to eat them all!!

I LOVE this bulletin board display from I Heart Art

That is it for me today (not Tuesday) I hope you find an idea you can use in your classroom this year.

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