Pinterest Pick 3 Linky - July

I am linking up for the first time (long time reader, first time linker :)  ) with the ladies that host this fabulous linky: Inspired Owl's Corner, Pawsitively Teaching and Just Reed.

July is the first month of my summer vacation sooooo I am mostly in summer mode.....the time when I am focusing more on home/health/family goals than school goals (but let's be honest, a lot of my brain is still working on school). So my first pin is part of my "try new recipes in the summer" goal.

I love all things Skinnytaste. I stalk her online, on FB, Pinterest and Instagram. Her recipes are:
1. simple, as in easy to follow
2. delicious
3. fit in with my WeightWatchers point counting thing (okay I don't count points anymore I guesstimate my points but she is kind enough to include the info with her recipes!!)

I love this post on Morning Meeting, I need to read, re-read and re-read it again to help plan how I want to set up my morning routines.

Last year I switched from counting the days of school with sticks and bundles and elastics to using ten-frames. I loved the ten frame way!!! It was a great way to reinforce our concept of 10 and was a great visual for the students. I made my own simple template but this one is prettier.....

If you are looking for more BTS ideas check out my Pinterest board dedicated to all the projects I want to accomplish over the summer : )

Now that I am officially on summer I hope to see you around here more often!!

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