Math Videos in the Primary Classroom - Math Monday

I LOVE using videos in math class, I love catchy songs that I catch my kiddos singing all day long (and that I sing at home while doing dishes!). I often use them as an introduction to a concept or as a review before sending my students off to work. BUT a new way I am using them this year is during transitions.

You see I have a few students who struggle to move quickly, or lets be honest, at a speed that does not make me want to pull my hair out with frustration. Nothing seems to work, they just move like molasses UNLESS there is a math video on. Soooo....once we have watched a video for learning, you know as a whole class, with intention and discussion, I use the same videos to motivate my students.

Once we finish one part of math, like daily math journal, and we are coming to the carpet for a number talk or whole group lesson, I throw on a video and my kids MOVE!!! So, super bonus, the kids are learning and moving the speed of real humans!!

Here are some of my current favourites:

The song is contagious, contagious I tell you! Plus we made an anchor chart in our class to match the video upon the request/demand of my students.

We do a lot of work with addition and less with subtraction (I feel) so I was very excited to find this video to keep us focused on both.

The next two are pretty simple but my kids love the silly aspects of them so they still rush so they can sing along (What comes next, I don't know what to do....)

Speaking of shapes, here is link to the Storybot videos for each shape!

Here is a link to the counting videos by Scratch Garden, a great practice and gets my kiddos moving even though we have been watching since the first week of school!

Hopefully one or two of these videos are new to you! I would love to hear about any videos that you are loving for teaching math!

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