Sharing the Love {Giveaway}

It is easy in this job to lose your mojo now and then (and then again after you've managed to get it back). There are the never ending to-do lists. The racing brain late at night. The feeling that you are not enough (not engaging enough, not in enough control, not letting go of control enough, not Pinteresty enough, not together enough, not on top of the pile of papers enough).

But trust me, you have got mojo and you don't even know and you are enough, in fact you are more than enough, you are amazing. After watching this video I have started to self-affirmations with my class each day...

We listen to this song (but the lyric only version)

then we put our hand over our heart, close our eyes and repeat some positive affirmations:

I'm amazing.
I can work hard.
I am kind.
I am a good friend.
I can do hard things.
I am smart.
I can persevere.
I am important.
I am amazing.
I am amazing.
I am amazing.

Try it, close your eyes and tell yourself that YOU ARE AMAZING!!

To show you that I think you are amazing I am spreading some TPT love. I am giving away 3 $10 Gift Certificates to 3 amazing teachers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Need a little more affirmation, TPT thinks you are amazing too and they are throwing a sale to spread some more love your way.

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