I will be adding pictures and links to books that I use in my classroom here.

Here are links to all of my posts with book recommendations:
Blue is for math, orange for social studies, red for language and green for science!

Greater Estimations - a great book for the beginning of the year when teaching estimation skills.

The Easter Bunny's Assistant - a good book for Easter, how-to-writing or to write persuasive letters to the Easter Bunny.

A Remainder of One - used for teaching division with remainders.

How to Build Your Own Country - a great social studies mentor text - students create their own country while learning about the different functions of government.

Sir Cumerence and the Off the Chart Desserts - a great book for teaching about data collection and organization.

Dear Mr. Blueberry - a terrific book for persuasive writing and letter writing.

Back of the Bus and Rosa's Bus - books that offer different points of view on Rosa Parks.

Winter Books - a variety of books to use in January.

Slowly, Slowly, Slowly said the Sloth - useful in teaching adverbs.

1+ 1 = 5 and Other Unlikely Equations - perfect for teaching about balancing equations and what that pesky = symbol means.

Petey and Pru and the Hullabaloo - great book for modelling word choice and using context clues to determine word meaning.

A Bear in War - the perfect book to use for Remembrance Day.

Creepy Carrots - a great Halloween book if you are not really doing Halloween in your classroom.

A Bad Case of Stripes - perfect for so many things - making connections, writing, art....

Pumpkin Town - another great non-Halloween Halloween time book - also great for art and circle stories.

Proud as a Peacock, Brave as a Lion - another Remembrance Day recommendation but could also be used for figurative language.

Anything is Possible - great introduction to problem solving or inquiry math - teaching students that the problem may not be solved on the first try.

The Z was Zapped - fabulous illustrations - great for strong verbs and predicting.

Books to Launch Reading and Writing Workshop

Math Curse - perfect for launching math workshop or problem solving.

The Recess Queen - I use it for Point of View and Anti-bullying.

A Story of Hope - fabulous biography on the most amazing person, Terry Fox.

Wolf Island - great illustration of food chains and how the removal of any part of a chain or web affects all the other parts.

Full House - mentor text for fractions

Perfect Man - making connections, making inferences, superhero theme

Book of Bad Ideas and You're Finally Here - great books for BTS time.

Alphabet books - great series of books that have both poetry and non-fiction text on any topic you can think of.

Who Lives in an Alligator Hole - good book for habitat unit or non-fiction text features.

Probability Mentor Texts - 3 books to help teach probability.

The Paper Bag Princess - awesome book for fractured fairy tale unit and point of view.

Persuasive Mentor texts - collection of books I like to use when teaching persuasive writing.

Blackberry Subway Jam - I use this book when teaching the urban part of urban vs rural communities.

Poetry Resources - some of the books I use when teaching poetry.

Alexander and the Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - um, what can't you use this book for : )

The Boy in the Drawer - linear metric measurement.

Mentor Texts for Teaching Adjectives - enough said : )

More Poetry Resources - I like me some poetry books.

The Best Part of Me - great mentor text for BTS or Mother's Day.

The Mary Celeste and other books for Inferences

Books for Making Predictions - a few books I have used when teaching this strategy.

Books for Division

Books for Boys Linky.

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